Perk ’The OG’ Espresso Martini


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Perk ‘The OG’ Espresso Martini (250ml per bottle / serves 2 people each)
(Original Recipe)

National delivery available

The OG (original recipe) Perk Espresso Martini is hand made at Horticulture, bottled on site and will arrive within 3 days of creation to retain the maximum freshness and flavour, and are made using the premium & sustainable Absolut Vodka.

Flavours –
The OG – 15.4% ABV

Bottles are widely recyclable.

Delivery is £5.

Horti At Home meal and all other items ordered with it will be delivered on Sat 13th February between 8am-6pm.

Perk orders not ordered with #HortiAtHome will be despatched from 8th February & will arrive before 14th February.

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